8 thoughts on “VLOG 1

  1. I totally agree about Tatiana M……”Best ensemble” Best line of the Vlog. Oh, it is wonderful spending almost 20 minutes with you, but I still want to take you out to dinner!
    Also, I watched Last Tango on Sunday and did not pick-up on the spoiler you are alluding to. Now I am just a mess in my angst. Will now go back and re-watch!!!!!!!
    You 2 are fun and smart. Just what I want in my women.

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  2. I love LTIH and was very disappointed with the obvious death of Kate. Who cares if Caroline decides to keep the baby and must fight for custody? Nice plot line and could have been done with Kate alive. Gary’s wife making a pass at Caroline and ending up in her bed, why? Where ever Sally decides to take the series, I must admit that I am no longer passionate. Sarah Lancashire is phenomenal and doesn’t need the angst to display her wide array of skills; why kill Kate? Kate could have ridden off into the sunset, Caroline could have resumed the heterosexual life; drama. Killing Kate just bad execution.

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  3. Thanks for a wonderful 20 minutes. Can’t wait til next time. Would have liked another 20 minutes on The Globes. Do you like “House of Cards”? Happy about Spacey, or not? I loved the Brit version, and this one as well. Looking forward to seeing Boyhood and Birdman, and of course Into The Woods.

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  4. Well done, ladies! I agree with you on so many points! Tatiana M. is greatly under-acknowledged during award season. I feel horrible that I watched LTiH since the beginning and convinced quite a few ppl to watch, as well…only to be the proverbial Charlie Brown to Sally W.’s Lucy the placekicker. Not only was she a lesbian, but the only character to give the show a bit of ethnic diversity – making what they did a combo kick in the teeth.
    I read an article where Sally pretty much said it was the only way to repair the seemingly irreparable relationship between Celia & Caroline. However, in my head, I can see Celia secretly/silently relieved that she no longer has to be subjected to the relationship she never particularly cared for. In a vastly different universe, a grieving widow would’ve probably alluded to this so that Celia would actually have to work at regaining her daughter’s trust. Instead, they made an inexplicable death a quick fix for previously fabricated, inexcusable conflict. There was zero character growth from this, just felt like business as usual.
    Anywho, to close on a positive note, love love loved the vlog! Can’t wait until next time! Here’s a question: Have you come across any new shows from any corner of the globe worth watching lately?

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    • Thank you so much for this thoughtful and inaightful feedback, Tor. Mimi and i were just talking about it today, that Kate was also the only nonwhite character on the show. Very bad. Have you seen my new blog about tango? Anyway, love the question. I think you may want to tune in next time… It might be answered!!


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