*Our review of “One Big Happy” in this Vlog was based on the first episode. The second episode had a little more going for it, but our general opinion of the show has not changed.”


3 thoughts on “VLOG 6

  1. Surprised you had such a one show review, but deemed it necessary. The Big Happy kind of offended us, too. It wasn’t funny. The quirky OCD like personality of Elisha didn’t amuse me.
    We watched the second episode which did expand her character with her ex-lover and was even more stereotypical in every cliche you can imagine. Not good and a waste of money time and talent. Shame on NBC who I once proudly worked for when Thursday night was never missed and their comedy runs were long and great even if it wasn’t for everyone.
    I do, however, find the gay brother’s relationship on “Girls guide to divorce” pretty realistic.
    Just my first gut reaction to watching your VLOG.

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  2. I can only agree with Mimi’s frowny face with regards to “One Big Happy.” Silly, unoriginal, somewhat tedious. I have seen a few tv shows I’ve enjoyed lately, “Ordinary Lies” the new british dramadey by the Red Production Co. “Dig” on the USA network. “Poldark” another british drama, beautifully filmed.

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