3 thoughts on “VLOG 8

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Vlog issue. Can’t wait to watch the final episodes of Mad Men unfold and will think of my “guesses” for some resolutions for the show and send them in.
    The Americans made my skin crawl in the finale tonight. Well, not crawl, but when you see it, you’ll know what I felt. What a show! What actors!
    Loving Secrets and Lies, too.
    There is the theme in Mad Men with the 3 main women of becoming mothers each in different ways. It informs how they relate to the men in their work world.
    These topics are so dear to me, I was riveted to all you had to say.
    Thanks for the literary lesson.

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    • Thank you, Debbi! You really made our night. Can’t wait to watch the Americans! TV is so great. We pity people who only watch news and PBS, lol. xo


      • One of my friends today told me she was looking forward to something on MSNBC. I watch it, too, but my shows are what I look forward to. Plus, you guys looked fabulous tonight. Best outfits so far. LOL

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