3 thoughts on “VLOG 13

  1. Addicts lie. Addicts are manipulative, calculating, smart people who have gotten by using their wits and preying on the ability to get friends and family members to enable them. They are “shocked” when the addict is found to have used.
    Whether or not you hoped Edie would go off into the sunset, it was unrealistic. She, herself said after the finale that she didn’t want the show to cop out because most of the friends she knew had OD’d and it wasn’t a fairy tale.
    Having sponsored dozens of women in my own recovery of almost 23 years, I have been clueless as to when a relapse is about to happen. I could be sitting next to someone counting days and by the end of the meeting we would have to call an ambulance to revive the seemingly fine person who had passed out cold.
    I know you spoke of other dark things and I agree with both of you on those subjects, but on this one I have a bit more experience.
    Mimi, I was thrilled you brought up her one year anniversary party with her family, O’Hara and cake. It didn’t shock me when she took the pill. That wasn’t my drug of choice but does it really matter? To me, that was when the writing was on the wall. It isn’t logical. It isn’t something to be analyzed…it doesn’t make sense. It is what it is.
    Thanks for telling this story the way you did, but you have to give the other point of view, too.
    Your backyard was enhanced by the squirrel running by behind both of you. So gorgeous.

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    • I agree with you for the most part. And surely ( I know; don’t call you Shirley! ) you heard us both say numerous times that If that’s the way they chose to go, with a massive overdose, then we wished they had just let her die. That would have been a satisfactory end. But this was a show, not real life, and to satisfy me as an audience, a series’ last show has to give me some kind of closure. I, too, have experience with addicts, and some of my best friends, ahem, are recovering alcoholics in particular. My mother was an alcoholic my whole life and at around my age, after being stopped by the police after driving the wrong way for miles on a major highway in Florida, quit drinking cold turkey. No AA (she tried; hated it. I even went to a meeting with her), no nothing. Just quit because, I guess, she didn’t want to die. There were dramatically satisfying ways Nurse Jackie could have given us hope for her to remain sober. No promises, just possibility. It happens. You know it first hand. But since they chose to go the other way, then I wanted them to go all the way. Let her kill herself with that massive overdose. Dead, the end, I’m satisfied. But they, like David Chase with the Sopranos finale, chose to go wish-washy, a dramatic cop-out. Thanks so much for your loyalty and for sharing your always enlightened views. We both love you and so appreciate it. Pro or con, our hope is to strike a nerve, create a dialogue, and along the way maybe make you laugh. I’m glad you were moved to share your view.

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  2. I agree about the 2 “Black” shows. OITNB doesn’t know what it wants to be. Wentworth, it ain’t. The more clones the better and death to all the Castors. I do want Dalphine to recover from her gutshot, however. There is great drama in that threesome. Helena is awesomeness!
    I was so convinced that there MUST be another episode of Jackie because it was such a terrible last scene. She needed to die…as did Tony S. He killed people. She ruined all those she loved (except Zoey). There was no hope for her. A dead eyed Jackie would have been a strong ending. These writers are spineless!

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