4 thoughts on “SPECIAL POST-EMMY VLOG 19

  1. And I thought I was the only person who hated Tracy Morgan and couldn’t understand how Tina Fey cast him yet alone think he was funny. He is NOT funny.
    Okay, that wasn’t my only takeaway, but I smiled while you talked about him.
    Loved Jon Hamm winning and only felt sad personally that Jennifer Westfeldt was not his date for this win. She helped him in all aspects of his success. Also, the show should have won best drama for the years of excellence and the best finale.
    I, too, have never seen Game of Thrones. If you see it and like it, I’ll watch it.
    However, I love Veep and have never missed an episode. I know what you mean about Julia winning all the time, but if she should take her name out of contention, why didn’t Bryan Cranston? Maybe Jon Hamm would have won sooner.
    Sort of doing a stream of consciousness since I just finished watching and loved how you so passionately shared your feelings. I agree with Olive Kitteridge , Allison Janney and her speech thanking Chuck Lorre for bringing addiction to popular television so realistically felt personal for me and I’m sure many others.
    Sorry, I didn’t know you were tweeting last night. I would have been on twitter following you, but we also watched the game, so…
    A great and energetic VLOG! You weren’t wrong…The Academy was and you know it!

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    • Thanks so much, Debbi, for your feedback and support, as always. We just got your Lady Parts (long sleeve) shirt in the mail. If you don’t deserve one, who does?! ❤️❤️

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    • Thanks, Debbi! I always love your comments. I felt the same about Brian Cranston and anyone who wins more than 3 Emmys for the same role. We just didn’t have our Vlog when Cranston won year after year! Our big takeaway from the Emmys was that we will have to give Veep another go. Thanks so much for your unflagging support, Deb.


  2. You read my mind on 99% of the winners and losers. Tatiana even commits herself 100% to eating beans! Lois Smith!!!!! Christina Hendricks was robbed!
    And now it begins again…

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