3 thoughts on “VLOG 20 FALL PREVIEW II

  1. Just watched the 20th VLOG, congrats ladies…you have accomplished something amazing. It seems with time, you’ve gained energy and an easy in your delivery that is so pleasant to watch and listen to.
    I am lost when it comes to the shows I don’t know as usual and have enough of my own that it’s hard to add to my line-up, too, but you are quite convincing with your passion.
    In the section beneath the VLOG, I was so pleased that we are on the same page with many new shows. Watched The Grinder tonight and get such a kick out of Rob Lowe and Fred Savage’s relationship. Love them. Also, both Blindspot and Quantico (both shot in NYC) got picked up for the back 9, so thrilled to tears because Neil and I are hooked. Love all the Chicago shows and will love the additional triptych.
    I think it’s going to be a good year. I would rather stay home now than go to a screening because tv is so good and movies are so “iffy.”
    Can’t wait to talk enthusiastically about this and many more subjects soon.

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