4 thoughts on “VLOG 23

  1. Literally just finished watching this and can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to see “Debbi” the giraffe as co-star and then have you both mention my name twice. I got giddy which isn’t easy sober. LOL
    Loved this blog. Enjoy when you take turns giving your thoughts which you mostly agree on, but always have something to add to each other’s comments. Also, I found myself agreeing more on this VLOG than all previous ones. Maybe we’re more into the season or we’re all becoming more selective with our tv time, but except for not seeing CAROL yet….remedied on Monday…PROMISE, it was exceptional.
    You know how much I love watching you express your passion for films and television, but it pales compared with your love for each other. I never tire of being your witness.
    I’ll keep giving you gifts, just tell me what it takes to continue a mention in this Vlog. It tickled my fancy…yada, yada, yada.
    Hope tonight was fantastic! Love you both. xoxo

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