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3 thoughts on “VLOG 26 – VALENTINE’S DAY EDITION

  1. So, I watch the Mark Green letter scene and then a link to some more of his final moments and the funeral and I am bawling at 7am. That show just got it all right. Thank you for the review. More tears are likely.

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  2. I LOVED this Vlog. One of the best because the 2 of you are one of my favorite couples on any medium and it comes through with how you interact.
    Most all of the couples you mentioned were also my favorites. It could have gone on for another hour. Maybe, do one with couples who have absolutely no chemistry? Might be harder and less fun, but more challenging.
    Certainly for after Valentine’s day.
    I do think Meredith and Derrick were one of the all time sexy and wonderful couples, but then Meredith and Christina were also the best. Who else has a “person” like that?
    Happy V-Day! xoxo

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