Last Week’s Poll Results: This was one of our most exciting races to date. We were at a three-way tie, when an underdog made a move for top dog. Elsbeth Tascioni, the cooky lawyer played by Carrie preston, won your vote for the character you most like to see get her own spinoff!

This week’s poll is in honor of our upcoming interview Vlog with Jill Lorie Hurst, the creator of one of the best lesbian love stories on television, the Otalia story. If you are wondering where you can watch Olivia and Natalia fall in love, check out our post LADY PARTS’ NEXT GUEST IS… to find out all the information you need to fall in love! So… what IS your relationship with Otalia?



  1. Otalia is still my ‘happy place’ ya know? Whenever I feel down or sad, I watch clips of these two and I will feel better. Every now and then I rewatch the whole thing and Im glad to say that I can now do that without feeling bitter about the ‘no kiss’.

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