DISCLAIMER: This Vlog was shot on the morning of Sunday, March 20th. One of the shows and characters we mentioned required a huge update by the end of that day. Remember when we told you last Vlog that Mimi kills characters by saying how much she loves them? Oops, she did it again!



  1. What an uplifting and glowing Vlog. Both of you show such enthusiasm when you like something and are able to verbalize it so beautifully. On the shows that you covered that I watch (not all the same) I agree with everything. So glad you always mention the Americans, Mom, Madame Secretary, Billions, Shades of Blue, Good Wife, this year’s American Crime plus Code Black. I am also keeping my fingers crossed on that one. It has to be renewed, doesn’t it?
    Additionally like yourselves, I watch another dozen or so shows each season. It’s hard to keep up yet alone take on another show. Occasionally, we delete a show from our dvr list once we haven’t chosen to watch it in awhile because a new show (Shades of Blue, Billions, Code Black) bumps it on our anticipation list and there are only so many hours…
    I’m so happy you are giving kudos to the people who do things right. As much as I’m looking forward to CATCH, I just read that the first few episodes are not indicative of what the show will be going forward. They had recast 2 of the stars and the show runner was fired, so by the time Shonda took over, she hadn’t the time to make it “hers” yet.
    Love both of you and your action figure. xoxo

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  2. Just an aside to the Happy Valley bit – I think the only male character Sally didn’t write ‘down’ to was Nevison Gallagher (George Costigan (Anne’s father)). That remained pretty strong. And also in the good parts of the female bonding was Catherine and her elderly neighbour (Winnie), and even in Catherine’s taking of the report from the beaten up prostitute – calmly and gently done, even as she was seething inside by the woman’s treatment by her suborinates.

    Whilst the women in the series are not without flaw, they are for the most part given their own agency to various degrees. Even when things are going tits up for Catherine, Clare, Winnie, Anne, Allison (the mother Catherine comforted), Jodie (the DI investigating the cases – even though there was no love lost btw Jodie & Catherine).

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