2 thoughts on “VLOG 30: NEW SPRING TV SHOWS

  1. It took me 3 sittings, but it was well worth it. The best part is when the two of you are caught up in laughter. Does a heart good to watch.
    Totally am in agreement with so many shows and points you made. Family, The Game of Silence, Heartbeat, Catch and of course, the finale of Shades of Blue. Although watching the violent scenes in some of the new shows almost stopped me, like you, I stuck it out and ended up being hooked. So original and addictive.
    Vinyl does get better and we watched the entire series. Next season promises to lose the drug focus and stick with more music. I am riveted by the acting. Unlike Mimi, I was around in the throes of that time period in the music business. Although exaggerated, those men existed.
    Love makes no sense to me, but many Judd Apatow creations don’t. I think he’s still pinching himself for having snared Leslie Mann.
    Thanks for this particular blog. I loved watching it and listening to your takes. Since I don’t watch Wentworth, I may not be up to speed with the next one, but I will always remain a huge fan. xoxo

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    • There’s always Netflix. You can binge on the first three seasons. Promise you will not regret it. Thanks as always for the beautiful note and for being such a supportive friend. We love you.


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