1. I watched your vlog video and really enjoyed it!

    I wanted to come back on Lip Service, I actually loved this show and specially season 2 and thought Heather Peace did an amazing job as well as Anna Skellern and I would have loved to see a season 3 to see how the Sam/Lexy relationship would have developped.
    I thought the show was way better after Frankie and Cat were gone they were annoying and I did not feel like they were missing at all, almost as it they had never been part of the show… Which sucks for two main characters… Lol

    I was disappointed the show had been cancelled. So yeah it was not The L Word but I don’t think it what meant to be either and I actually really enjoyed it.

    You mentionned Third Watch briefly… loved this show! This is actually thanks to this show that I met my ex and we were together for 8 years… We met on the Third Watch board I was in France and not looking for anyone, she was living in the USA and engaged at the time. We started talking about the show and then for hours on msn at the time and a great love story started all thanks of this show and despite the 5,000 miles between our countries… Crazy what a tv show can do huh?
    We both had a crush on Cruz at the time ahaha!

    Finally, thank you for mentionning Rescue Special Ops I did not know about this show and looking forward watching it. Watched 1st episode and liked it!

    There are so many good shows out there to binge watch!

    Have a good day!

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    • Thanks for watching and commenting. Your story with your ex is much like how Mimi and I met. Check out our interview with Jill Lorie Hurst from a couple of moths ago and our interview with Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia from May to get the whole story and find even more good stuff to binge on! xx


  2. Just finished this VLOG and in a timely manner I must proudly say. LOVED NYPD Blue, West Wing, Breaking Bad, ER, Commander in Chief which is very similar to Madam Secretary in feeling, I think.
    Fell in love with Grey’s Anatomy from day 1 except for the very short time I boycotted McDreamy leaving. Love those characters and want them as friends.
    Homeland was a special force the first season then lost me. If Liron wants to delve into West Wing I have returned often to watch some of the episodes I loved. It stands the test of time.
    Breaking Bad never had a bad episode. It was exquisite. I miss it so much.
    At least with this VLOG, you have an excuse to watch so much television.
    Love listening to you both.

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