Transcript Lady Parts Vlog Talking Teal Episode 12 (English)


18 thoughts on “TALKING TEAL EPISODE 12

  1. First off, I have loved yalls interviews. I haven’t seen all the blogs yet but what I have seen, I have loved yalls insight; it has been so comforting and helpful. I was wondering if y’all noticed any significance this season with red things throughout the episodes. Maybe I’m reading too much into to it but I felt like we were given subliminal messages to lead up to Bea’s death.

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  2. I’ve been looking forward to your interpretation of episode 12 all week. It was definitely worth the wait. Thank you for your insight. I actually see your point, and may now be able to rewatch the episode because I have not be able to sit through it a second time. It was too painful before, but now I might watch it with a new set of eyes.
    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but getting Danielle to do an interview with you two would be phenomenal. Offer her some of your beautiful tomatoes!
    Thank you for taking the time to help us sort through our feelings. Your time sacrifice is very much appreciated.

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  3. Episode 12 was absolute rubbish,why kill the main character off,she had just found love,also why kill a gay character off ?you can sugar coat this but the true fans have been shafted,the color red is now blue ,same color as the air with what the fans think off it.,I would love to speak to Jo Porter and ask her if I can write the script as I’m sure I could write a better story for next season.

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  4. I can live with it, but here’s some things I’ve been thinking:

    Australia finally finally has a show that is being seen throughout the world! Every day more and more people are watching are learning about this show. I have friends who have started at season 1 today because they have caught wind of this show. So you are at the highest point of success, and you kill your most visible star?? Who is the spokesman, the actress who plays Doreen, Liz? Sure Jenko is beautiful we know that, but Danielle has that X factor? Why now? When more and more countries pick it up next year they will be lost as to who Bea is? Just poor timing! Once again not disputing the ending, just saying poor move on WW pr team .

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  5. Having seen lots of comments on FB,Twitter etc,it seems that most of the fans are angry over Beas death,well I can live with it but as Camille said it was bad timing and it will be quite interesting to see what they do with the freak next season,as like Bea her story has been told,Pamela Rabe is fantastic so please don’t get rid of her,Give Libby Tanner a bigger part,as her part got smaller and smaller last season,bring back Fridget for us fans,also I wonder if anybody from ladyparts read these comments as only the comments they agree with are answered,so I will be watching this space.

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    • We read everything. And actually, we don’t only answer comments we “agree” with. We answer comments that we have something specific to say to. We have received SO MANY comments since our interviews with Nicole and Kate and since our Talking Teal finale that we cannot even respond to a third of them (and not all require a response). There is much discussion that goes on, and we feel that we have addressed many of the arguments on our actual Vlog. We appreciate everyone who watches and takes the time to comment.


  6. Hi.Thank you for replying,its quite reassuring to know that our comments are read by you,i quite understand that you have been inundated with so many comments made by the fans,so perhaps I was wrong to think that our comments were being ignored.Apologies to you both.

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    • No need to apologize. I promise you we read every single one and always appreciate that people take the time to give feedback πŸ™‚


  7. Wow..i really like your vlog.Finally I can accept the Bea is Gone..:( 😦 I do see a lot of tv shows but it’s the first time in my life I felt deeply in love with a character. First time I even discuss it in Internet. I will watch s4 again with a new perspective…but I really think that it was to soon to kill Bea. I will watch s5 ,mostly bc of Allie.
    Bea died knowing that she was loved, but also she died in agony, despair that everyone she loves die. I still have mix feelings about this. I am still very sad.
    I want to think that B and A found each other in heaven for a moment and Bea let her go ..
    When I hear the song ‘You ‘ from Keaton Henson, I always will think of Ballie. You must hear it:
    “If you must die, sweetheart
    Die knowing your life was my life’s best part…

    If you must work,
    Work to leave some part of you on this earth
    If you must live, darling one,

    Just live…”

    I will start seeing every vlog of you two because you are very objective and sofisticated ..
    Thank you.

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    • Thank you very much for the beautiful comment. We look forward to seeing you “around!” He Talking Teal wrap party will be posted in about an hour. Hope you join us!


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