Due to unforeseen circumstances, Ann will not be able to plan a NYC fan gathering for next year.

Since we were not the organizers, but merely invited guests, happy to get the chance to meet you all, the event is CANCELED. If any of you want to organize another event with us in it, feel free to contact us at LadyPartsVlog at .

We apologize to all of you who were excited at the thought of meeting us and other fans, and we hope there will be other opportunities for us to celebrate together in the future.

We are grateful to Ann for all her hard work on behalf of all of us.



  1. It’s would be such a orgasmic revenge if Vera and Ferguson hooked up then Vera kill Ferguson. I want Vera to get her sweet revenge, she deserves it and I just want Ferguson to sexually get with a women cuz I thinks that’s her problem too much tention built up. Also it would be nice and better to see more women of color on your show. Latinos, African American some natives it would only make a better raindow. Love you guy much respect.

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