Upon special request, here is a special bonus “Wentworth” poll!

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  1. As I was trying to say on Twitter, what if it’s a team effort to take out Ferguson. Franky/Allie/Jackson primarily since they’re the ones most invested in Bea and loved/cared for her. Given Allie’s admiration for how Bea avenged Debbie, I wonder if the darker Allie we originally were going to get in S4 will make herself known in S5. I just love the idea of the people Ferguson dismissed as worthless being the ones to get her in the end, and that’s Vera, Will, Allie and Franky. I’d like Bridget to play a role too.

    I also think it would be fantastic if whatever happens, the blame is shifted to someone “more deserving” such as Juice and Kaz.

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      • Thank you! As I see it, besides the fact Joan would be taken out by people she’s dismissed, she’d also be taken out by a conspiracy (which she claimed was the case last season, adding to the irony). By shifting the blame for the take down to others, it minimizes the fear of punishment. Remember everyone wanted Bea to kill Ferguson since she was a lifer anyway. While Allie may no longer care about the cost of what it will take to put Joan down, others will. BTW I’m of the theory that the seahorses were a visual representation of Bea and Allie connecting after death and not letting go. So for me, that means Allie is carrying a part of Bea with her. Maybe Bea sent her back and gave her her fire, her heart, her indomitable will. I just am hoping for Bea’s death to be the transformative element to Allie as Debbie’s was to Bea.

        Then there’s Franky. I liked your theory she might blow her parole to get back inside to help deal with Ferguson for a few reasons. 1. It would cause a rift betwixt her and Bridget, who would be opposed to such a brash strategy. She’d be forced to see Franky every day and not be able to be with her. Tension city! 2. It would be a huge advance in Franky’s character arc, since she said she barely survived prison. Choosing to go back in to finish serving her term puts her in the driver’s seat and shows how much she’s grown as a person to make that kind of sacrifice. 3. We’d get scenes between Franky, Boomer, Liz, Maxine and of course Allie. I really want to see what kind of dynamic they develop. 4. Let’s not forget Kimmy, who Franky called an idiot for blowing her parole or Kaz, who Franky would take issue with for working with Ferguson. And by “take issue” I mean I hope she punches her in the face the first time she meets her.

        Finally…. 5. It’s such an extreme response but that’s what I’m expecting here. Not necessarily this specific scenario, but extreme responses from everyone involved. The payoff needs to be absolutely epic in order to make the pain of losing my favorite character “worth” the loss.

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        • I don’t (and hope) Franky doesn’t take part because she would never mentally/emotional recover. I do like a conspiracy concept especially involving Vera and Ally. Ally has passion reasons and Vera has set up Bea’s death and emotional suffered at Joan’s hand. Ally can do the job and Vera can help deflect and blame Juice.

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  2. I’ll be honest…I don’t want Joan killed…I want her there to mix things up! Tho I’m completely biased because I am in love with Pamela Rabe and want to be able to watch her as long as possible!

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