4 thoughts on “VLOG 36: FALL PREVIEW – PART II

  1. Your energy level is contagious, even if I am uninterested in the shows you are talking about. Pitch, Notorious, Conviction, Divorce are the only ones that sound interesting to me now, but you make a case to try the others even not liking sci-fi.
    I watched the first 2 episodes of ONE MISSISSIPPI last night and liked it very much. Untapped territory. I’m going to go back a VLOG to rehear your thoughts on a few things I’ve watched.
    LOVED that last shot in Night of. But, how did that happen? LOL
    Miss you guys. xoxo

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    • We just heard of One Mississippi yesterday, so I think we’ll check it out now. Loved the first two Queen Sugar and the first Better Things. Quarry is very good but might be too brutal to keep up with. That’s it so far. Can’t wait for Masters of Sex tonight! Love you.


  2. Just watched an interview with Nicole DaSilva and her co-star in Doctor Doctor. Do you have any idea of how we can watch it in the good ole US of A? (or is that a trade secret?) 😉 It’s already been picked up for season 2 after only 2 episodes!!


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    • Hi Debra. Glad to hear it’s doing well. We don’t watch it, but we know many Americans do. Perhaps you could go to one of the fan groups on Facebook and ask them. They usually know everything 🙂


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