Welcome to the third part of our fall preview. This was originally meant to be a two-part Vlog, which we were not able to do. Instead, since we would never leave you in the lurch, we have complied a list of all the new shows premiering in the next couple of months.

First, we have the shows that are of special interest to us and are highest on our recommendations list for you to look out for; second, shows that are worth checking out; and third, shows which are of no or very little interest to us, but might be of interest to you. We have provided you with information on the networks on which they will be presented, their premiere dates, and their trailers.

We hope you enjoy this preview, and do let us know your thoughts on any or all of them! As always, we would love to hear from you on social media or via email to LadyPartsVlog at Gmail.com .

There are MANY more new shows launching midseason (early in 2017). We can’t wait to talk to you about those, too!


One Mississippi (already on Amazon):


Fleabag (already on Amazon):


Crisis in Six Scenes (though you may choose not to support a show from Woody Allen) (9/30 on Amazon):


Good Behavior (11/15 on TNT):


Good Girls Revolt (10/28 on Amazon):


The Crown (11/4 on Netflix):


Undercover (11/17 on BBC America):


Search Party (11/21 on TBS):



Incorporated (11/30 on SyFy):


Falling Water (10/13 on USA):


Eyewitness (10/16 on USA):


Goliath (10/14 on Amazon):


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (11/25 on Netflix):


Chance (10/19 on Hulu):


Pure Genius (10/27 on CBS):


OTHER NEW SHOWS (which we have no interest in but might interest you):

Shut Eye (12/7 on Hulu):


Haters Back Off (10/14 on Netflix):


The rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again (10/20 on fox):


Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (10/22 on BBC America):


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