13 thoughts on “POP UP VLOG 40: HOLBY CITY / BERENA

  1. I asked this question about dr/ms in the berena fandom: They call the training drs (residents in the US) Dr., and then when they are promoted to a consultant, they revert back to ms/mr. It’s so weird!

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  2. It’s even more complicated I’m afraid! Student doctors become ‘House Officers’ then ‘Senior House Officers (SHO’s) doing 6 month rotations to decide on a specialism. Then they are Registrars. They become Senior Registrars when they have passed their exams to become a Consultant but are waiting for a post/promotion. This can take a long time as often someone needs to retire etc.
    Traditionally ONLY surgeons are Mr or Ms. Though I have heard some other specialisms like Consultant Gynecologists have started to adopt the tradition. I do not know how widespread this is.
    So in summary, you can have 2 doctors of the same level, e.g. consultant, if one is a surgeon they will be referred to as Mr or Ms, the other for example, could be a consultant oncologist or paediatrician, would still be referred to ad Dr but would have the same rank and level of experience. (AND breath!!!)

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  3. Hi there, – my take on last nights episode – Elinor is not a likeable character, but the more I think about it the more I feel for her. She is I think a very unhappy screwed up person, and as much as I love Serena I don’t think she realises this. I don’t think Elinor’s main motivator for having a problem with Bernie is homophobia more straightforward jealously. It sounds like psychobabble but Elinor’s childhood was not without its difficulties – a selfish liar for a father and a very turbulent relationship between her parents followed by a vicious divorce. I think maybe Serena expected Elinor to show more independence from a young age than she was capable of, to be more like her perhaps. . There is an episode from ant 4yrs ago when Elinor turns up at the hospital having taken ecstasy and having hosted an out of hand party at their house Ric trys to get Serena to take this more seriously but she is defensive. And in Tuesday’s episode Serena’s comment that Elinor was being like her father was out of line and clearly hurt her. And as for Serena thinking that E isn’t doing enough with her life – isn’t a French degree enough to be going on with?. Having said all this I still like serena enormously – difficult relationship patterns are set up over time and are difficult to recognise let alone undo for both parties and Elinor is being selfish and horrible. I feel that Elinor doesn’t feel secure in Serena’s love for her but that although serena knows they have a difficult relationship she doesn’t realise this.

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    • Thank you for this great comment. I will save it and, with your permission, incorporate it into our next Holby Vlog. Check out our announcement this coming Saturday for our launch of a new series of interactive Holby Vlog (like Talking Teal, our Vlogs for Wentworth), where viewers are invited to email us (rather than comment) their take on the episodes, etc. so that we can incorporate them in every Vlog. We hope you become one of our regular writers! (And tell your friends to do so, too!).


  4. In regards to the scenes between Serena and Bernie after the accident with Jason and Elinor, I am amazed at the emotions that these two great actress portray. Bernie is really going to be there for Serena during this difficult time. She will be her rock.❤️❤️

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    • Thanks for your comment, Greta. We hope you become a regular writer to Post Op. There’s still time to email us for this Saturday’s segment!


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