POST OP: HOLBY CITY S19 E12, 13 & 14


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  1. I started watching Holby City on your recommendation and got several episodes in. At first, I tried to use closed captioning b/c I was missing so much dialogue. The interpretation was so “off” I was convinced that one of my 3rd graders was in charge, so I abandoned that strategy and just squinted my ears. 😕
    After about 9 episodes, I decided I would not continue, and solely concentrate on MSNBC & CNN to keep me in the loop of impending, inevitable disaster that we as Americans are about to experience!!! 😨
    After listening to the enthusiasm you two ladies have for the show, I’ve decided to give it another try, if for no other reason than as a distraction to the real life soap opera happening now.
    Thank you for helping me climb slowly out of what I lovingly refer to as TRUMPSTERF*CKERY! 😔
    I applaud you. 👏

    P.S. Seriously though, do you ladies have a sound off venue for those of us who truly are whirling out of control over this new administration about to be sworn in? If so, count me in. As you can tell, I need an outlet. 😡

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    • We are so happy to hear you’re giving Holby another try and that we can help to provide even the slightest relief during this awful time. We are in the same boat as you are. We have been in a state of bewilderment since the election, and are not sure ourselves yet how we’ll manage to make it through the next few years with our sanity intact. What kind of a sound off venue have you had in mind? We are always open for suggestions. As you know, we always want to know what you want!


      • In regards to my request for a political respite, perhaps you could have another interaction with your fans like you did when Wentworth ended their recent season. You sent out a set of questions to be answered that gave us an opportunity to express our opinions. I really enjoyed that because it felt therapeutic after the blow we’d been dealt regarding our dear Bea. Now that over half of Americans have been punched in the guts with this latest, shocking revelation, we’ve got lots of pent up frustrations that need to find an outlet or group of like minded individuals with which to commiserate. I hope I’m not alone in my feelings, but I truly am affected by this unfortunate turn of events. I dearly LOVE tv, but ever since the election, all I can watch and listen to are news channels, excluding Fox, of course. I just want to be in communication with people who share my anxiety. Misery loves company they say.😭

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        • We understand how you feel. We feel very fortunate to be living in such progressive places that wherever we go, pretty much, we feel we are in the company of like-minded people. If you could email us at our usual email address, we can discuss this further 🌹 Oh and we’re really happy you enjoyed Talking Teal 😊


  2. I wanted to respond, if I might, to your discussion of the relationship between Elinor’s death and the Lesbian Death Trope (TM). (I apologize if this gets long-winded).

    Absolutely agree that we have to be careful about seeming accusatory to creators. We don’t want to scare anyone off. Or make it seem like we’ll always find fault with representation, so why even try.

    But I do think there’s a lot to be said for having these conversations with each other and trying to pull apart just what is going on.

    I don’t agree that this is just a complaint against bad things happening to lesbian characters. I think a lot of people find that this particular kind of sad plot is frustratingly and exhaustingly familiar. That it feels similar to the infamous lesbian death trope. And that there is a reason for that.

    Since Bernie’s return from Ukraine Berena have been out of the main spotlight. That’s how soaps work – you rotate your characters. So the arc of Elinor’s death is the immediate next story in their relationship after their getting together.

    The writers had a lot of soapy staples they could go with for drama here – misunderstandings, external disapproval, a honeymoon period, illness, disruptive exes, professional conflict. They went with tragedy. And not just any tragedy – the nuclear option. They went with the one tragedy that would inflict permanent psychological damage on Serena.

    Though this is not a death of one of the pairing, in a lot of ways it leaves our ability to imagine a happiness for Bernie and Serena in similar dire straits. Can Serena imagine a happy future for herself with Bernie right now? Can she imagine a future at all? Can we realistically expect to see Serena’s joie de vivre, her playfulness, her teasing, her optimistic delight in her love for Bernie again in the foreseeable future? Is the best we can hope for to see them survive together?

    I don’t think this is standard fare “bad things happen to everyone”. You mentioned a number of characters who have had their kids in danger. But of those only Ric’s son Leo actually died. (And there were other factors to that plot that set it apart a little.) A dead child is a very different thing to a hurt one. Emma, and Rachel, and Fletch’s kids are all okay now. The world can turn.

    In my experience watching British soaps, I’m actually hard pressed to think of many times when we’ve seen the fall-out of a parent losing a child. It’s not your standard go-to plot even in a world with a ludicrously high bereavement rate. Because it’s such a permanent blow for characters in a format where you ideally need to be able to keep them in constant flux. There isn’t a reset button for killing of a character’s kid – it resonates differently to the blasé attitude that we can extend to just about any other loss in a soap.

    Is it deliberate punishment for lesbianism? Almost certainly not intentionally. But I remain suspicious of the subconscious impulses behind a creative team who asks themselves “where next for the lesbians?” and head straight for “permanent life-destroying catastrophe” instead of comedy, or work drama, or blended-family strife. It seems to me that the only thing you get out of killing Elinor that you couldn’t get out of a different story is a long bout of incurable misery for Serena. This, incidentally, is also something that actively prevents you from further exploring the love story as a happy plot. Just like the lesbian death trope does.

    I don’t think it’s conscious. I do think it’s familiar and suspicious. I don’t think we need to march on Elstree. I do think it’s worth discussing in our own community.

    Last year we watched one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever seen in my life beautifully crafted over months. I still love it – I’ll keep watching. But before the Christmas trailer I remember how deliriously hopefuly a lot of fans were with the idea that we’d get to see Valentine’s Day on screen this year (because it’s a Tuesday) and that Berena would be together at that point. I admit, realising that we were misguided to imagine them as anything other than drowning in misery by then feels a bit like being reminded of my place. Idk – maybe it’s unreasonable.

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    • Thank you so much, Adelaide, for this very thoughtful comment. May I share it on our next episode of Post Op? I hope we hear from you again in the future. You have much to contribute to our discussion. Next time, if you agree that your feedback be shared and discussed on our Vlog, please email it to LadyPartsVlog at And thank you again for this very thought-provoking message.


      • Absolutely. – Sorry it’s long and a bit rambly. I’m looking forward to seeing your next video. And, of course, to seeing how the story actually plays out on Holby.

        (Maybe they’ll go the route of pretending losing Elinor is something Serena can get over. Maybe for the sake of how much I love Serena -and Berena- I’ll play along and pretend it makes sense because soap.)

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        • Thanks, Adelaide. Your message wasn’t long at all. It was a pleasure to read. I have a friend who’s lost a child. That is something no one ever gets over. But she is slowly climbing up from the abyss she’s been in since the death and is starting to live a bit more. It’s a very good point. We look forward to hearing from you moving forward!


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