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VLOG 1 – Last Tango in Halifax discussion

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2 thoughts on “POST OP: HOLBY CITY S19 E17 & 18

  1. Hi,
    First of all I want to say a big thank you to Simon Harper and the BBC for the Berena storyline. I first followed ChristIan and Syeds storyline in Eastenders, which although flawed was ground breaking.
    Simon Harper had used the Christian – Syed relationship as a template and learnt from the mistakes.
    Fans forget that rolling dramas like when the storylines are written, the themes have to be linked to several characters. Also drama and angst – equates to screen time.
    As with Christian and Syed – berena fans have have the slow build of the relationship, allowing people to emotionally invest in both characters. Both charchters have detailed back story’s.
    Also most key as that like the Christian and Syed storyline – subtext is key. Bernie and Serena were never going to big PDA ‘s unless they are seen in the confines of their own home.
    They are both intensely private. I have confidence that before Catherine goes on her break we will have a scene at home and probably a bed scene ala Christian and Syed.

    Yes Serena is grieving but we could see that through a grief she was still at the end sensitive to Bernies feelings, she had been pushing Bernie away but Bernie has been their in the background at work keeping watch over her.

    Keep the faith

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    • Thank you for your feedback. We hope you consider emailing our show sometime and participating in the discussion that way. Also make sure to subscribe to our new website where all the new posts will be published. Thanks for watching us. We are keeping the faith!


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