According to the Women’s Media Center’s The Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2014:

“Women creators, writers, producers, executive producers, photography directors and editors made up 28 percent of the workforce in primetime network television entertainment shows during 2012-13.

Women snared 43 percent of speaking and major roles in 2012- 13 primetime entertainment television shows, a historical high equal to that reached in 2007-08.

Women with speaking parts tended to be considerably younger than men: 30 percent of men but 19 percent of women were in their 20s; 22 percent of men and 14 percent of women were in their 40s.

Also, they were less likely to either be seen at their work sites or actually working.

When programs had no women writers, 40 percent of their casts were women. When shows had at least one woman writer, 43% of the casts were female.

Shows with no women creators had casts that were 41% female. Shows with at least one female creator had casts that were 47% female.”

Since men still hold the majority of decision-making positions in the television industry, it is up to us, the viewers, to voice our opinions on the female roles they think represent us, who we are and what we want.

And that is what this blog is about.

And, no less important, it is a celebration of appreciation for women on the most popular medium in the country: television.


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  1. Hi, just found your vlog through youtube-Wentworth and love it, girls! 🙂 Getting nervous for the finale here…

    As for the movie, Adele, try the Italian online books and dvd shop ibs.it
    They deliver worldwide and are reliable (I ordered from outside Italy several times, since I don’t live there anymore).
    However, the DVD seems to have French and English subtitles, so you should be able to order it from other webshops, too.
    Here’s the ibs link

    Hope that helps,


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  2. Hello Liron and Mimi, wanted to tell you about a British tv show I found on YouTube that has two strong female leads. It’s called “Holby City”! It is an “ER” type DR show. You can check it out on NatsAshes YouTube channel. Hope you like.

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    • Thank you so much for the recommendation, Greta. We’ve actually just started it (though, admittedly, we started in s18, e17 ;)). We especially like Bernie. Keep us in your recommendation loop!


  3. Watched your first Berena vlog; can I ask why Mimi felt the need to say she doesn’t find Catherine/Serena sexy? Unnecessary to state that, and the fact that you tag Catherine in the vlog tweets- seriously well played (NOT) .
    I watched you obsess over Fridget, make toxic comments in an extremely blasé manner on you talking teal vlogs, not happy over the prospect of you now turning your narrow minded attention towards Berena. Kindly remember that Catherine and Jemma are professionals and please don’t inundate them with comments,tweets,over familiar requests- let’s not repeat the Libby Tanner debacle. The Berena fandom is a happy one; please don’t get above yourselves (again) and take it upon yourselves to ‘be the voice’ of the fandom, because I assure you many are gritting their teeth over what drivel will come out of your vlogs next. I guess it was fun whilst it lasted.


    • Mimi is a professional critic, and professional actors and creators know how to hear reviews. We do not presume to be the voice of all fandom. We are our own voice and we invite others who enjoy watching and interacting with us to participate in a discussion. If you don’t enjoy us, you are cordially invited to not follow or interact with us.


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