Hello Lady Parts friends,

Do we have an exciting announcement for you! We have now confirmed that the fabulous Barbara Niven, star of the beautiful lesbian movie, “A Perfect Ending,” and a great ally to our community, will be a special Lady Parts guest for our fourth installment of “Lesbian Movie Club,” in which we’ll be discussing the movie.

WANT TO ASK BARBARA A QUESTION? Email us at LadyPartsVlog at by February 28th. We will select viewer questions to incorporate in our interview.

If you haven’t seen “A Perfect Ending” yet, put it at the top of your watch list (it is streaming on Netflix). Nicole Conn, the filmmaker who brought you “Claire of the Moon” and “Elena Undone,”brings you this beautiful and sensual story of self-discovery.

Also, check out Nicole’s beautiful Marriage Equality PSA spot from 2014, featuring Barbara:

Are you getting excited? Because we sure are!



Hello Lady Parts friends,

It’s been a week since we launched our Lady Parts Plus Campaign , and we are delighted to report that we have raised 70% of the money we need to reach our goal and make Lady Parts Plus happen.

We are now only $600 away from our destination. If you are able to contribute, we urge you to do it sooner, rather than later. We have great plans for Lady Parts Plus and would like to get to work on it for you.

EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS. So far we’ve gotten major contribution from very few ultra-generous people. We know so many of you have emailed us and written comments in the past about how much you enjoy Lady Parts, and specifically Talking Teal, with all the great interviews, and Post Op: Holby City. Many of you have thanked us for the work we do and said you wanted to see more.

WELL, here is your chance to show us your appreciation for all the work we’ve done so far and here is your chance to make sure Lady Parts Vlogs keep going. It is all up to YOU.

To be clear, if we don’t reach our goal, THE VLOGS WILL HAVE TO END. There will be no more Post Op: Holby City, no Lesbian Movie Club, no new season of Talking Teal, and the regular Lady Parts vlogs will have to be posted less frequently.


We look forward to a year full of great interactive fun. Let’s do this!


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We are discussing The Kids Are All Right in our first Lesbian Movie Club and Imagine Me & You on our second. Now let’s choose our third movie!



We, Liron Cohen and Mimi Torchin, started Lady Parts, a blog/Vlog dedicated to the women of television and film and the roles they play, as a venue to promote women’s work in the media and to celebrate the shows and films we love.

Over the past couple of years, Lady Parts has grown into a space where fans can gather, share ideas and points of view, and have fun, and our interactive Vlog has become a community we cherish.

This is why we want to be able to keep it going.

However, you all know how much work we put into these Vlogs, and after doing this completely free of charge for two years, we’ve reached the point where the Vlog needs to be able to support itself.

And we’ve found a way to do just that!


We want to bring you your favorite Lady Parts Vlog series, like “Talking Teal,” “Post Op: Holby City,” and “Lesbian Movie Club,” and even expand into more Vlog series (it’s all up to you!), through an extremely affordable and flexible subscription model. SO affordable, it’s ridiculous!

For that, we need YOUR help. We are raising this very minimal amount of money to cover some of the initial costs, so that we can bring you a new and better website, a high quality channel, and a year full of Vlogs!

You’ve enjoyed our interviews and our interactive discussions before. Let’s keep them going!


We have to meet the goal here in order to get started. So, please, give as much or as little as you can (starting with $1 and up!) — and get some fun perks on the way — and use the IndieGoGo sharing tools to spread the word and tell your friends to donate as much as they can, as well.

And once we’ve hit the goal, keep donating if you can. Every little bit helps us give you your favorite Vlogs about your favorite shows and movies.

Let’s do this!

(scroll down for FAQ)


1) Does the backing money only support the campaign, or does it also go towards initial subscriptions?

Backing money only goes toward getting Lady Parts Plus up and running. There are a lot of initial costs that have to be covered. This money also helps to make sure that we can keep subscription fees to a minimum.

2) Is the backing additive? (If I give $25 this month and $75 in Feb before it closes, will there be a way of indicating multiple donations?)

It is our understanding that one can make multiple contributions. That is also a way to claim multiple perks — that must be done as separate contributions.

We understand that some of you would like to give more, but need to do it in “stages.” If a perk is unlimited ($25 & $50) or if one of the limited perks is still available, we will absolutely honor it, even if you had to do it in stages. For example, in this case, if you give $25 and then $75 and one of the ten $100 perks is still available, we will give you a thank you call.

3) If/when the goal is reached before the deadline, and someone still wants to donate, are they eligible for a call, chat, guest spot, or is that a limited time offer?

Our goal here is the very basic amount we must have to get started. However, every bit more would help us get you the best Lady Parts Plus experience right off the bat. This is why the campaign will continue to accept and welcome funds after the basic goal has been met. Perks will continue to be available, and new ones will be added!

4) Will all of the previous Lady Parts Vlogs, including interviews, still be available on YouTube, or will they transition over to Lady Parts Plus?

Any video we currently have on our YouTube channel will remain there and you can access it for free at any time (though, please consider clicking on an ad to help us there, too).

5) Will there be any new Vlogs/stuff added to your YouTube page, or is the new stuff trictly going to be through Lady Parts Plus? 

Yes! Lady Parts Plus will be a special channel for Vlog series (i.e. “Talking Teal,” “Post Op: Holby City,” “Lesbian Movie Club,” etc.) The original Lady Parts YouTube page will continue to be active and provide the general public new Vlogs and also little snippets from new Lady Parts Plus Vlogs.

6) Can I donate from outside the U.S.?

Yes! You can donate from almost anywhere in the world! That’s part of the beauty of Indiegogo, which accepts funds from most countries. That simply means your currency will be converted to dollars when you contribute.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, and we’ll be happy to clarify!

Thank you.

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After a week of voting on our first “Lesbian Movie Club” poll, the results are in, and you have chosen the first two movies that we will be watching and discussing, together with you, on our first two episodes.

Even though, “Imagine Me & You” won first place, it will be the featured movie on our SECOND episode, since Mimi will only be able to partially participate in the first episode and it’s one of her favorite lesbian movies of all times. We’re sure you sympathize.

And so, we are happy to announce that THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT will be the first movie we watch and discuss. Below you can find a few prompts to help you get started thinking of the movie and getting your emails ready, so that our discussion can include all your thoughts, stories and points of view.You do not have to answer the questions, but feel free to do so, or to use them to help you sort out your thoughts about the movie.



Prompts for “The Kids Are All Right:”

SPOILER ALERT: Read these prompts AFTER you’ve already watched the movie.

  • How did you like the chemistry between the two main actresses, Julianne Moore and Annette Bening?
  • Did you like the characters? Do you feel they were stereotypical in any way?
  • This is a movie about a family and a long-term couple going through a crisis. How do you feel about this type of movie, as opposed to most lesbian movies, which are about coming out and/or falling in love?
  • Julianne Moore’s character cheats on her partner with a man. Tell us your thoughts about that. (we know you have a lot to say!).
  • This movie, as opposed to most lesbian movies, was a mainstream hit that was nominated for prestigious awards. What, do you think, struck a chord with the general audiences, and is that good for our community, or did it come with a price?
  • What was the one thing you most liked about the movie, and what was the one thing you most disliked about the movie?
  • Do you have a personal story that relates to this movie? (about how it impacted you or how it related to your life experience, etc.).



We will have many more movie selections for the coming months, but for the first two movie clubs, vote for the TWO movies you’d like for us all to watch and discuss.


Tomorrow, our beloved website , is, for all intents and purposes, ceasing its operations.

The site that we have come to think of as an essential part of our lives, the site that has celebrated our community, served as our voice and champion in the media, provided us with a space to exchange ideas and learn about our culture and make friends. The site that was more than just a webpage, but a cultural statement, an affirmation of the validity of our stories, our desires, our needs. The site that was a place where queer women got together and supported one another.

That space, that very important space, is being effectively shut down by straight men. Bury your gays much?

So, let’s learn a bit more about the straight guy who manages AfterEllen and claims the reason for firing its editor-in-chief, Trish Bendix (and then punishing her for speaking out by refusing her severance. If he were a woman, I guess we’d be calling him a bitch, right?) was strictly a financial one , shall we?

According to his Linkedin profile and company website, Emrah Kovacoqlu is the founder, president and CEO of Total Beauty Media, a “new media beauty company” whose mission is to “inspire all women to live a beautiful life.” What the company does is build websites to provide women with fashion, beauty and “wellness” information (men have learned by now that they have a better chance at selling women crap they don’t need if they claim it’s not just to make them more attractive to men but because it’s better for their own “well being.”) The company says it reaches all kinds of women because “all women want to look and feel beautiful.”

And so, according to Kovacoglu, who is also the general manager of “TotallyHer Media” (I’m sure the irony is not lost on you) and obviously thinks of himself as the man who has finally figured out what women want, lesbians (a strange variety of “woman” he probably had never encountered before and who, as it turns out, might want different things!) are not a big enough draw for advertisers (I could take it as a compliment and deduce that they think our community is just far too smart to buy into their stupid marketing strategies, which try to tell women they’re not good enough/pretty enough/hygienic enough/smooth enough and so they have to buy their products. But the truth is, they are probably just too lazy to try to come up with a new strategy that doesn’t have to do with telling women that if they bought their product they’d be more appealing to men).

But there is more to this than just the bottom line. This is what happens when men run women’s spaces, and when straight men run queer women’s spaces.

When men are exclusively running “women’s health” panels and committees is how abortion and birth control are still a contentious issue rather than a fundamental right a woman has to her own body.

When male executives control almost all the top positions in the media, film and television industry, is how year after year, women are relegated to the roles of “girlfriend” (usually sexually objectified) or “mom” (usually culturally invisible), whose identities are defined strictly by their relation to the men in their lives.

When men make up 80% of our legislature is how we still have to fight (unsuccessfully, for the most part) to pass common sense legislation to combat domestic violence and end the gender pay gap.

Women’s spaces, lives and bodies have been ruled by men for far too long. And who is the most threatening woman? The one who doesn’t need men to validate her existence at all. The one who is not interested in men or needs them. The one who will not buy a product because it will help her get noticed by them, the one who will not dumb herself down so that they like her, the one who will not shut up about them killing her surrogates on television.

So I say, let’s make our own spaces. Let’s eliminate the male managers and the ignorant advertisers, and let’s do it by and for ourselves. To the fabulous women of , the women we have come to love as some of the most wonderful voices of our community, I call upon you to start a new website, subscription based. And to the audiences out there, the queer women who have loved AfterEllen for years, you who have decried that #LGBTfansdeservebetter , I call upon you to support one another and our community and BUY a subscription.. Make this into a statement so big that we prove to all of them out there who we are, what we want and what we are capable of.

Listen to our queer sister Jill Soloway and let’s Topple the fucking patriarchy!